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Monday, 19 July 2010

a little bit of fairy dust has been sprinkled over my website

At last I have put the fairies online (with a big thanks to Sam!!). The silver and gold plated fairy earrings are up and so is the gold plated fairy pendant and some tiny flower earrings and pendants as well. More will be added over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!!
I should say a little about my inspiration for this collection... as anyone who is familiar with my jewellery or me for that matter, I love miniatures, tiny worlds, fantastical places and seeing beauty and intrigue in otherwise ordinariness - it helps me get through the day.
I have always liked the idea of fairies, fairy tales, magic castles and so forth but not in a saccharin Disneyfied manner but more of a Victorian pretty and playful but sometimes dark and dangerous...!
I was inspired by an exhibition at the Royal Academy I saw when I was studying in London about 13 years ago (yikes - so long ago!!) It was all about Victorian fairy paintings and featured the most amazingly detailed paintings by Richard Dadd amongst others. Although I did not want to rush away and make fairy jewellery at that point I think the fantasy world of the paintings struck a chord with me as it has been a theme that has always existed within my jewellery. It was not until about a year ago that I started thinking about these Victorian fairies again, probably mostly inspired by the birth of my real-life fairy daughter. I started looking at the illustrations of Arthur Rackham and another artist I discovered called Warwick Goble. It was mostly these that I based my jewellery upon. So beautiful, graceful and innocent but without the schmaltz... take a look, I hope you agree x